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We will

Rebuild and restore the CFA as an independent, autonomous fire service.

Appoint a Ministerial Advisory Committee, comprised of CFA volunteers, former CFA leaders and other experts to identify the essential powers, people and resources that are needed to rebuild and restore the CFA. This will include engagement with CFA brigades across the State. 
Within the first 100 days of Government, introduce a Bill that: 
• rescinds any legislation that undermines the capacity of CFA to function as an independent, autonomous fire service (e.g. secondment of FRV staff into CFA) 
• enshrines the power for the CFA to select, recruit and manage its own staff 
• enshrines that CFA staff wear the CFA uniform 
• provides that CFA have certain powers and responsibilities for the ongoing delivery of fire services in current CFA areas 
CFA Board reform (Volunteer Charter) 
Reform the Country Fire Authority Act 1958 to provide that all members of the CFA Board must sign up to, and be bound by the Volunteer Charter.  

Commissioner for Emergency Services Volunteers 
Appoint an independent Commissioner for Emergency Services Volunteers, within Emergency Management Victoria (EMV), with the power to investigate issues raised by volunteers, provide alternative dispute resolution services to parties involved in complaints, and make recommendations on policies and practices in the interests of volunteers.

The Commissioner will have legislated powers, be accountable to the Parliament, and be a strong voice for volunteers who feel silenced and alienated by emergency services personnel who fail to act in their interests.

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